Meet TJ Skaggs


Clarine Moorman, said that KNB Loan Officer, TJ Skaggs, made it easy to secure financing for her new home in Elizabethtown. The new Hardin County resident raved about TJ’s support. And that comes as no surprise if you spend just a couple of minutes talking to TJ. You find out what his professional motivation is - His passion for helping people. “It’s making that connection with people that I enjoy,” said TJ. “It’s so rewarding when you get to hand the keys over to home buyers.”TJ … [Read more...]

Get to know Troy Todd

Troy Todd

If you visit with Justin and Jessica Jenkins, you can see how proud they are of their new home in Elizabethtown.   Owners of Legato insurance, these local entrepreneurs turned to KNB loan officer Troy Todd when they needed financing for their first home.  It comes as no surprise that the Jenkins were beyond pleased with Troy’s service.  “Troy made the process easy,” said Jessica. That’s because with more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, Troy says his greatest joy … [Read more...]

Meet Anita Reynolds


When Christy and Michael Childers, owners of ICON Engineering, needed to finance the construction work on their new office building in downtown Elizabethtown, there was never any question which bank they would turn to – Kentucky Neighborhood Bank. “We weren’t going into the big banks for this kind of financing,” said Michael Childers. “KNB has been there since the beginning when we started with virtually nothing.” Christy said that it was personal attention and support they received … [Read more...]

Get to Know Sharon

Elizabethtown Bank

Jimmy and Sherry Dean drove a truck for 20 years. When the husband and wife driving team chose to live in Elizabethtown, they had a house but not a bank. That’s how they first met KNB’s Sharon Post. Sherry is from Indiana and Jimmy from Liberty, Kentucky. They didn’t know anyone when they came to town, but they quickly came to depend on Sharon. “We were out on the road and we’d call her about our account,” said Sherry. “We’d call her about who to see for this and that, from a … [Read more...]

Get to know Lisa Toth

Lisa Toth

If you ask Louis and Christine Hollings about Kentucky Neighborhood Bank’s, Lisa Toth, they will tell you that she’s a great loan officer who helped them build their dream home, but even more than that, she’s a great friend.  “She’s down to earth.  She can relate to the customer,” said Christine Hollings.   “And she can especially relate to us.” That’s because like Christine, Lisa, who has worked for KNB for 6 years, is also a military spouse.  And Lisa will tell you it’s a life she … [Read more...]